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It started with my grandpa. Everywhere he went he had a camera or camcorder, and he documented, what seemed like every waking moment of our lives. He still does.

At the time, I truly couldn’t stand it. In fact, it wasn’t until years later when we were sitting in the living room watching all of the videos he has collected over the years that I truly understood the value of what he had been doing.

So many stories, memories and moments that could have been lost were now right in front of us, being played back to relive.

As I sat there watching, a light came on inside of me, and from then on I started filming the stories, moments and memories I experienced and some of those around me.

Old Pine Studio is really just my way of hearing, preserving and sharing more stories like the one you’re living right now.

And honestly, we can’t wait to hear it! 





Dirk + Murial    

 // Live Event, Video Marketing & Training 

Jordan is the kind of guy that will go above and beyond to deliver what he promised... He doesn't settle for average and puts his heart in your work. He's been our personal videographer for years and will be for years to come.

Branden + Amanda

// Wedding 

Jordan is such a visual artist, and we had an immediate connection to his work.  He is simply the best with his out of the box originality and attention to detail. Everything happens for a reason, and we couldn’t be happier!

Vince Ostrander

// Music Video 

Jordan and his team were incredible.

The turn around time and quality was unmatched.  His video has driven online traffic, as well as live bookings.

Thanks, Jordan!

Our Services


Our expertise in video and marketing allows us to be both tenacious and versatile when it comes to meeting your needs. Whatever story you are a part of, we want to help you tell it in the most effective and artistic way possible.



Whether you're a company hosting a mastermind, retreat or seminar; or you're a public speaker, Old Pine Studio is able to provide the expertise necessary to make sure your live event is recorded with excellence.


We love storytelling, and some of the most moving and beautiful stories are marked by a special event, Weddings, mitzvahs and big announcements are just a few of our favorites. We'd love to help tell this chapter of your story!


Music is an expression of your creativity, and nothing compliments the sounds of creativity like the visual representation of the emotions you feel when you hear it. Make your originals, covers and live performances the best they can be.


One of our favorite things to do is empower others to expand their brands, share their stories and sell their products. From creation to distribution we'll partner with you to make sure you're ideas get the traction they deserve.


Do you, or your team, want to learn the ins and outs of shooting high quality, professional video on your own? Old Pine Studio will partner with you and bring top level, hands on trainings that will help any novice seem like a pro.

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